Museum Game Prototypes

The following prototypes were developed in a joint project with the University of Texas at Dallas and the Perot Museum. I provided prototyping and systems design for different games that were to be featured in a science museum setting. All games are intended for mobile devices.

Developed Fall 2014

Pollen-Nation – Original idea and art by Daniel Havens

Pollen-Nation is a game about bees and colony collapse disorder. Players begin to pollinate the United States, learning where different fruits and nuts originate from thanks to bees. Eventually, bugs start hurting the crops, leading to pesticide usage which poisons bees as well. The game is intended to show the effects of colony collapse disorder as the food supply dwindles as access to bees decreases. Pollen-Nation is currently in the Perot Museum in Dallas, TX

Developed Spring 2014:

Harmony – Original idea and art by Peter Wonica

A multiplayer music making game, Harmony is used to teach musical harmony through color coding. Two or more people take up tablets that allow them to create a line of music. When combined, players can create a full song and work towards developing harmonies in their notes. Harmony was also redeveloped in Unity3D.

Carp Invasion – Original idea by Shawn Mayer

This game was intended to show invasive species by removing Asian carps from the eastern United States. This game was eventually developed into “Stop the Hogs,” which is currently in the Perot Museum in Dallas, TX.