Americano on Rock, Paper, Shotgun


As I was browsing Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s freeware section, I was at first confused and then pleasantly surprised to find my Twine game, Americano featured there! A snippet from the article:

Now, I may not care much about this sort of coffee, but I do care about great twine games, especially when they feature AI entities awkwardly trying to seduce humans, excellent, all moving, all dancing typography and a tendency to link to all kinds of lovely things.

Americano is exactly this sort of game and, to make itself even more enticing, sports a lovely selection of soundtracks and some pretty evocative illustrations too. I always thought that most of interactive fiction could benefit from a few quality pieces of artwork here and there, you know. Unobtrusive art that doesn’t substitute written descriptions, but simply enriches them.


From user: oyog:

I ended up as a ridiculously coiffed robot who smelled like bacon and could only attempt to communicate through the cooing of doves.

I was so hot.


You can find the two articles here:

Freeware Garden: Americano

Freeware Gardeners’ Question Time


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